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Do You Want To Grow Your Audience?

I help podcasters, best-selling authors, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs grow their audience and profit and help them take things to the next level.


Who I’ve Worked With

Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of working behind-the-scenes with top podcasters, #1 New York Times bestselling authors, international sports stars, musicians and media companies. Here’s a short list of some of them…

Andrew Warner

Founder & CEO,

Rohit Sharma

International Sportstar

Rajesh Setty

12x Author and 6x Founder

Jayson Gaignard

Founder, MastermindTalks

What Clients Are Saying

Wes Kao, Director, Seth Godin's altMBA

Wes Kao, Director, Seth Godin's altMBA

“When it comes to Facebook advertising, I consider Sachit a trusted advisor and sounding board. It’s hard to find someone who can think strategically, but is also eager to roll up their sleeves to implement the nitty-gritty.

Sachit is that person. He has deep domain knowledge of how FB fits into the picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, what to expect, and nuances to be mindful of.

My favorite thing about working with him is that he cares relentlessly. He never phones it in. He cares about his craft, about doing a great job, about thinking flexibly, about what’s best for us as his client. I know he’s on our side, constantly watching out for what can help us grow.

Sachit listens and makes sure that our brand is brought to life on FB in a way that reflects our values. I highly recommend working with him if you’re lucky enough to do so.”

What I Do

Most people focus on the wrong things. Instead of what matters — audience and profit growth — they spend their time obsessing about pretty pictures, page views and other vanity metrics.

Instead, I work with you to identify your goals and find the 1-3 areas of your business where we can have the biggest impact.

For most people, that doesn’t start with advertising.

Our method consists of 3 core systems:

Understand Your Core Market and Message

Unless you understand who your market is or what they want, the best marketing or ads won’t help. That’s why we always start by going back to the basics through our specific market message system to drill down into who you’re targeting and the message you’re taking to the marketplace. This is the area, if done right, that will lead to disproportionate results.

Create a Revenue Roadmap

The biggest mistake people make is trying to sell everything to everyone. Once we know who you’re targeting, we do a deep dive into your business to simplify your offerings and find the hidden profit centers you might be ignoring. Through this process, we’ve helped clients create new offerings (whether it’s sponsorships or their own products) and significantly accelerate their revenue growth.

Get Targeted Traffic Through Organic and Paid Media

Once the core systems are in place and we’ve created a business that’s humming along … we turn to advertising to use a combination of organic and paid media to get you out into the marketplace and become an industry-leader, as fast as possible.

Want to double your audience? 10X your profit? Let’s do it.

While other shops focus on creating ‘beautiful’ websites and ‘cutesy’ taglines to win industry awards, everything we do is backed by numbers.

As David Ogilvy said, “We Sell, Or Else.”

Case Studies

How Mixergy Grew Sponsorship Revenue 4x In Less Than a Year

“One day, within hours, we closed $70,000 of new business … that’s tremendous.”

How Restless Action Drink Grew From 0 to 60,000+ Subscribers

“Using Sachit’s strategies, we went head-to-head with and beat national print & billboard campaigns.”

How Mark Added $200,000+ In Revenue In 2 Months

“It’s probably been the best investment that I’ve made in my business and the ROI has been massive.”

Work With Me

Unlike other agencies, I only work with a very small number of private clients at a time. The most important factor: you have a product that I can 100% stand behind.

Working with the best in any industry, I create, manage and optimize marketing machines that attract the right kind of people to help you predictably and systematically scale both your audience and profit.

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