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Andrew: A subscriber, so I’ve never really paid much attention to the podcast audience, not enough. We’ve done podcasting; I’ve been podcasting for years, since 2008. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Then last hear, 2015, this guy [inaudible 00:24:26] said, “Andrew, can I sell ads for you because I think can do a better job than you’re doing,” and then I said, I think am going to stop selling ads because I don’t care about that revenue, I don’t care about it and it’s a distraction.

He said I think there’s more here. So I said okay, do what you want. I don’t even want to know what you do because you know me well enough that you know not to pick bad advertisers, and you know how I work, I’m very systemized. You create the system, so he did. Then his ads were selling for– I was hardly selling them frankly, for like a 1000 bucks a month, he’s doing 50,000 a month.

Steve: Really?

Andrew: 30,000 a month.

Steve: Wow.

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