How To Turn Your Website Into Your Best Salesman
Without Spending More Money on Traffic and Advertising

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

I know you already have a website, but I wonder if it is getting you any new business? If you just thought “Not as much as I’d like …” or “I’m not even sure …”, it’s okay.

You are not alone.

If you are like most of the business owners I work with, you built your website (and spent good money) to get you more new leads, more new customers, and ultimately more profit.

But somewhere along the line that didn’t quite happen, and now …

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Your Website Has Become An Annoying Cost That Kind-of Sort-of Works, Or Worse, Is Leaking Money!


Instead of bringing in new clients and putting cash in your back pocket like it should, it sits there collecting cyber-dust while taking your hard-earned money from you!

Now, month after month, you are paying for a website that does NOTHING to get you new business.

Instead of spending your time serving your clients, you are overwhelmed in a maze of SEO, AdWords, Yelp and other technical jargon you don’t care about.

As a fellow business owner once told me after going through one SEO company after another that promised him ‘impressions’ and ‘rankings’ without understanding his business, “I just don’t get all this online marketing stuff …”.

The 3 Critical Problems With “Traditional” Marketing on Your Website That Are Costing You Clients and Money

Problem #1: You have a “brochure” site, not a “Site That Sells”. 

Your website probably looks great. But is it more of a brochure that just gives people information, or does it grab people’s attention and push them to take action?

Like any great salesman, your website isn’t there to just ‘look pretty’, it’s there to sell.

Problem #2: You don’t capturing attention right away

Think of when you read the newspaper. When you pick it up, your eyes scan around, look at the headlines, and only when something catches your attention do you read further.

It’s the same on an online site. When someone comes to your website, you literally have 2-3 seconds to capture their attention or they’ll hit the back button and go to one of your competitors.

By focusing on three key strategies:

  1. Talking about customer benefits instead of features
  2. Using headlines that instantly grab attention
  3. Having customer testimonials from people who have bought from you

You can make sure that visitors read every single word on your website. If you’re not doing any of those three, it’s a massive missed opportunity.

Problem #3: You don’t capture visitor information

People find you through different sources — your ad, referrals, Google and word of mouth. The first thing they do is go to your website. Of these, there’s a small minority that are ready to buy right away.

But a much larger majority are still interested … but not ready to call right away. In fact, here’s what the research shows:


Buyers - Ready to Buy Right Now


Window Shoppers - Will Never Buy From You


Researchers - Will Buy Sometime In the Future (from you ... or your competitors)

By not having a system to capture the attention of the 37% who will buy sometime in the future, you’ve lost them forever.

People are willing to give their email in exchange for useful information. You probably already have that information. If you have the right system in place, people will enter their email in exchange for something valuable.

Once you have their names and emails, you can send them emails and it doesn’t cost extra. Over time, they get educated by you and when they are ready to buy, they will buy from you because they trust you.



Spending more money on advertising without fixing these problems is useless … you may as well be throwing money in the bin.

Introducing Revenue Roadmap —
Learn How to Grow Your Business, Get More Clients & Turn Your Website Into a Revenue Generating Machine

Unlike other consultants, I focus on revenue, not rankings. 

I can ask you a few key questions, examine your current website, and provide a very revealing analysis of how you can very quickly improve your response rate from your current advertising.

For example, I’ll show you…

  1. The single most important element (almost nobody uses) of a money-making website.
  2. How to get the name and email address of nearly everyone that visits your website — then market your products and services to them for free!
  3. The amazing 3-letter word that makes your customers want to read every word of your website. (Then buy everything you offer them.)
  4. The hidden secret that helped the Wright Brothers become the first to unlock human flight over a 100 years ago, and how it will help you supercharge your marketing!

And much, much more!

These strategies are based on in-depth research in marketing, psychology and usability, and proven to work.

How would you feel if you could turn your website into a client and revenue generating machine that works while you sleep?


Don’t Just Take it From Us, Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

“Sachit helped me develop and turn it into a full-fledged course. He worked across different areas — whether it was writing engaging copy or technically implementing the site — and got things done. His efforts helped me increase revenue and more importantly, create an entirely new model to develop products and engage with my audience at Mixergy. He gets results, if you have a chance to work with him I’d seriously recommend him.”

Andrew Warner

Founder/CEO, where entrepreneurs – including founders of companies like Wikipedia and Y Combinator – teach ambitious upstarts through 1000+ interviews.

Here’s Exactly What You Get In a Revenue Roadmap Session

30 Minute Website Review

30 minutes website review where I’ll go over your website and show you exactly how the 3 critical problems on your site are costing you clients and money. Along with that, I’ll show exactly how you can fix them (along with examples of how companies ranging from your small startups to Fortune 500 corporations use these same strategies).

60 Minute Discovery Call

We’ll do a deep dive into your business and explore your goals.

Roadmap Strategy Document

I’ll create a custom 5 page strategy document specifically designed for you that includes a summary of our call, specific strategies to grow your business and a plan for moving forward.

Specific Copy Options

We’ll pick the most important page on your site, and I’ll give you specific website text options (headlines, benefit statements, call to actions, etc.) you can use and test right away!

Are you ready to open the floodgates to 24×7 sales? Use the button below to reserve your spot.

Due to personal time constraints and the level of personal attention required, I’m only opening 20 slots for August.

Apply for a Revenue Roadmap Session:

There are no obligations and no monthly contracts. Once we complete your roadmapping session, even if you don’t decide to work with me you can use the roadmap strategy document and fix the problems yourself or hire somebody else to fix them.

Moreover, I am 110% committed to your success. If you don’t agree that it’s worth at least two times what you invested, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

If you still have questions that aren’t answered on this page, write to me at and I’ll get back to you!

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